Twin Lakes Park Phase3 - Greensburg, PA (Subcontract)

Project Highlights:

(Subcontracted by BNC Construction)

Clearing and Grubbing, Site Preparation

Storm-water Management System

Parking Lot and Walkway Installation

Water, Sewage, Utility Lines

Restroom Building Facility

Concrete and Utility Installation for Dek Hockey Court

Amphitheater Foundation and Utility Work


Completed in 2015

Seanor Farm Park - New Alexandria, PA

Project Highlights:

Roadway and Storm Water Draiange system installed

Parking Area with Paved Handicap Spots

Paved Walkways

Regrade and Reseed Soccer Field

Bleachers and Storage Shed Placement

Soccer Goal Posts Placed

Completed in 2015

Cocalico Athletic Fields - Denver, PA

Project Highlights:

Phase 1:


Phase 2: (Subcontracted by Horst Construction)

Jonathan Run Culvert - Ohiopyle, PA

Project Highlights:

Rehab of a 100 year old horseshoe-arch cement Culvert

Diverted water stream that runs between 70 gpm - 70,000 gpm

187 foot long culvert replaced

Reinforced mass concrete to stabilize floor to bedrock

Headwall Repairs and Modifications

Completed in 2013

University of Pittsburgh - Softball Field - Greensburg, PA

Project Highlights:

Constructed full regulation NCAA Softball Field

Clearing and Grubbing


Dugout Construction


Completed in 2012

Baldwin-Whitehall School District- Baseball/Softball Field-Pittsburgh, PA

Project Highlights:

Demolition of Existing Fields

Regrading and Leveling

Soil Amendments and Topsoil Replacment

Sod Placement

New Dugouts

New Fencing

Completed in 2010

Tony Dorsett Stadium - Hopewell, PA

Project Highlights:

Demolition of Existing Stadium Structures

Removal of Large Rocks for Leveling and Expansion

Turf Placement on Football Portion

Construction of Concessions and Media Sections

New Track/Field/Soccer Fields

Completed in 2009

Panhandle Trail -

Project Highlights:

Constuction of Extension of Rails to Trail


Grading/Leveling of Trail

Completed in 2010

John Harris HS Baseball Field  - Harrisburg, PA

Project Highlights:


Chainlink Fencing

Concessions/Announcers Building

Sanitation Sewer Line


Irrigation System

Bleacher Installation

Completed in 2017

Donegal SD-Softball Field - Mt. Joy, PA

Project Highlights:

Construction of Varisty Softball Field

Part of the Donegal School District Athletic Complex Project

Completed 2016